Armorial ZOVKO Part 1

Armorial Zovko is a collection of all Coats of Arms composed by myself.

These arms might be published and registered elswhere but my ambition is to publish all the Arms that I composed, so that they become known to asmany as possible. In that way I hope to reduce risk of unintentional copying of Arms that already exist.



Thoren-armorialJaktklubben-arm Aro

Tjernberg Tiljander Thulin Svensson Sveen-Armorial Svanlund Sund Stormwall S-ta-Cecilias-akademi Spajic Soerloew SHF Schneider Sandell Qvarfordt Oxelsten-75 Otterberg Noeth Nilsson-Armorial Nikolic-armorial Loennborg Livsnjutarakademin-NYTT-armorial Lischke Lindstroem-galleri Lennstrand-armorial Karlberg-Traav Jansson Jaktklubben-damer-arm Hedqvist Gustavsson Gris Galway-arms Fredenklo-gal Falck Doctare Djupdal Dixen-armorial Bystroem-armorial brf-Skjutvallen brf-Seminariet Boenke Blom Biletic Bergstroem Bergman Baricevic-Zmaj Baricevic Aro Arnbro Arborelius Aokerhielm Aohrman-armorial


Lo-Biskop-Oscar-gall Lo-Biskop-Mijo-gall

Coat of Arms of Bishop Mijo Gorski. My composition, picture by courtesy of Heraldic Art Croatia



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