Davor Zovko – List of Qualifications


My qualifications, all in retrospective order.


– University of Örebro: Doctoral Student (since Dec 2008-)

Paper for postgraduate course in Scientific Method ”Narrative Theory and Method” (7,5 Credits) at the University of Jönköping 2012: Interviews – small stories from the great epos.

Paper for postgraduate course in Social Work ”Gender and Social Work in the Era of Globalization” (7,5 Credits) at the Mälardalen University 2012: Equality work of Swedish Public Employment Service.

Paper for postgraduate course in social Work “History of the Social Institutions” (15 Credits) at the University of Lund 2010: The Christian Chivalric Orders’ Humanitarian Work: a Sword with Two Edges.

Postgraduate Courses in Statistics (15 Credits), Philosophy of Science (7,5 Credits), Social Work (4,5 Credits) and Evaluation (3 Credits).

– Mälardalen University: Master of Education (2003)

Thesis for Master of Education, 2003: Heraldry – a Theme in University Essays ang Theses, and a Subject that Motivates to Life-long Education.

Essay for Bachelor of Education, 2002: Teachers’ Experience of, and Strategies Against Mobbing. Together with Henrik Vajstedt.

– University of Mostar: Teacher of language and literature (1989)

Paper: Linguistic and stylistic analysis of Andric’s novel “Anika’s times”.

Paper: Ivo Andric’s bridges and “bridges”

Other Education

– Courses for advisers at the Swedish Public Employment Service (since 1999-)

Several courses for advisers and counselors (introduction in Swedish labour market, interview methods, work with people in crisis, supported employment, etc)

– Mälardalen University: Course in Computer Graphics (1994) Course in QuarkXpress for journalists, with layout, imaging…

– Technical school in Mostar: Graduate in Mecanical Engineering (1984)

– Other Courses in different areas (details on request)

Work Experience

– Municipality of Enköping: Analyst (since Aug 2016-)

– Swedish Public Employment Service: Analyst (Mar 2014 – Nov 2014)

Wrote report to Swedish Government about a new labour market policy program, developed during 2013 and 2014. The report was published by Swedish Public Employment Service.

– Mälardalen University/University of Örebro: Doctoral Student (since Dec 2008-)

– Mälardalen University: Research Associate (Oct 2006 – Mar 2007)

Evaluated, together with Mats Ekermo PhD, the development of Case Management-method for treatment of persons with so called ”double-diagnosis” in Sweden. Our report was published 2007 by Mälardalen University and Mälardalen Evaluation Academy.

– Mälardalen University: Research Associate (Jan 2005 – Jun 2005)

Evaluated the MIA-project, a project co-organized by Swedish Public Employment Service and the Swedish Migration Board. My report was published 2005 by Mälardalen University and Welfare Research Center.

– Swedish Public Employment Service: Counsellor, Employment Advisor and Consultant for Supported Employment (since Sep 1999-)

– Also worked as Teacher, Teacher Assistant, Social Worker, etc…

Artistic Work, Journalism, Books, etc…

– Heraldic Studio: Heraldist, Heraldic artist (since 1997-)

Composed and drew number of Coats of Arms for families, Bishops, organizations, etc…

Wrote and illustrated the book Obiteljski Grb Published in 2009 by Laurana Zagreb

Wrote and illustrated a book about Chivalric Orders (will be published in 2016)

Wrote a number of articles about heraldry

Won some heraldic competitions (among others, even competition of composing a bookplate for HRH Prince Carl Philip of Sweden)

– Freelance Baritone Soloist (since 1991-)

Sang number of solo concerts

Participated as soloist in number of concerts, Masses, programs, etc…

Recorded Album with songs of the Croatian romantic composer Ivan von Zajc 1998

– Journalistic Work (since 1989-)

Wrote several musical reviews for newspaper Sloboda in Mostar and for Radio Mostar 1990-1991

Correspondent for Hrvatski Glasnik 1995-2000

Wrote several other Articles, Reviews, Reports, Notices, etc, for Glas Koncila, Vapenbilden, other publications and web pages

Computer, Languages, Positions, Awards, etc…

– Daily full time user of Computer since 1994 (Web, Office, Imaging, etc…)

– Languages (speech and writing):

Croatian (fluent)

Swedish (fluent)

English (very good-fluent)

Italian (basic)

German (basic)

Latin (basic)

Awards and titles:

– Knight Grand Officer of the Papal Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem 2009 (Knight Commander 2009, Knight 2004)

– Golden Medal of Merit of the Swedish Heraldry Society 2011

– Knight of the Royal Constantinian Order of St. George 2010

Tasks entrusted (a selection):

– Chancellor of the Swedish Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre since 2012

– PR-Officer of the Swedish Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre 2008-2012

– Publisher (since 2012) and Editor (since 2008) of the Homepage the Swedish Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order

– Master of Ceremonies of the Swedish Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre 2004-2008

– Member of the Pastoral council of the Diocese of Stockholm 2001-2004

– Member of Heraldic Society of Stockholm (Heraldiska Samfundet) since 2000

– Member of the Council of the Swedish Roll of Arms since 1998

Membership (by subscription):

– Skara Stiftshistoriska sällskap since 2008

– Croatian Heraldic Society since 2006

– Societas Heraldica Scandinavica since 2004

– Swedish Heraldry Society since 1996

References and Publications on request

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