1998 Ave Maris Stella

My old Album published online

This Album was recorded and produced in 1998.

Today, my performing of these songs is much more ”polished”. But, this old material is good enough for renewed publishing.

This musical production was arranged for the purpose of giving aid to the Caritas foundation of the Croatian Catholic Missions in Sweden, as well as giving Sweden a presntation of Croatian romantic music.

Arranged by

Davor Zovko and Croatian Catholic Missions in Sweden

Produced by

Musikverksta’n Sweden

Engineered and mixed by

Bo Edving

Recorded at studio SKYLINE, Eskilstuna, Sweden, in February 1998

Special thanks to

Timothy Stayton, Pianist and Priest of Swedish Lutheran Church, one of the Artists in this Album

Ivan von Zajc (1832-1914) is one of the most important figures in the history of Croatian music. He is known as a romanticist and his music bears in part an Italian style, since he received his musical education at the Conservatory of Milan. Between 1862 and 1870, he worked in Wienna, where several of his operas were well received. Influenced by his friends, he chose to forsake the path of becoming a world famous composer in lieu of becoming the first director of Zagreb’s opera. His work in Zagreb initiated a very rapid development in the life of music in Croatia. Even though he held several positions, Zajc continued to compose music. His works consist of more than 1 200 operas, operettas, masses, songs and instrumental pieces. Especially well-known are his operas Mislav (1870), Ban Leget (1872), Nikola Subic Zrinski (1876), Pan Tvardovski (1880). Many of them express a strong patriotism, which is characteristic of romanticism. This is especially noticed in Nikola Subic Zrinski, a historical tragedy in three acts. The most beautiful of Zajc’s work are his art songs, a musical form very popular among many romanticists. As with German Lieder, Zajc set beloved poems to music. The art songs are also very patriotic. That explains the occurance of ”domovina”, which means homeland.

Some songs from the Album (by courtesy of Marinko Orlovac):

Ave Maris Stella

Andjeoska suza (Rikard Jorgovanic)

Dvie ptice (Petar Preradovic)

Noc je tiha (Josip Eugen Tomic)

Miruj, miruj, srdce moje (Petar Preradovic)

Copyright © Davor Zovko

All rights reserved