Lectures about Heraldry and Chivalry

Lectures about Heraldry and/or Chivalry

My lectures about Heraldry or Chivalry are followed by more than 70 colour pictures.

The Lectures have been requested for several Years, still with the same enthusiasm of all my audiences. Eskilstuna Town Museum organizes traditional Lectures on different subjects. My Lecture about Chivalry was the only one of the Lectures at the Museum, that was ever held twice, thanks to demand of the audience!

Find out why the historical facts about Orders of Knighthood, are more interesting than Action movies.

Please, find the prices for the Lectures in the document Prices in section Heraldry.


Picture from my Lecture about Chivalry, held in London in February 2014. Photo by courtesy of Croatian Chaplaincy of London.

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