News 2016

New Coat of Arms Composed

Dec 16, Eskilstuna A new Coat of Arms has been composed for the Swedish Family Jemsten.

RAPSE 2016 – International Conference for Researchers on Welfare and Labour Market Policies 

Dec 7-9, Växjö Participated at the RAPSE 2016 – Conference ”Changing Labour Markets: Challenges for Welfare and Labour Market Policy”, arranged by the Linnaeus University in Växjö. This was an opportunity to present my Research on the use of Evaluation in the Swedish Public Employment Service. I held a lecture on thursday, december 8.

New Coat of Arms composed

Oct 22, Eskilstuna A new Coat of Arms has been composed for the Swedish Family Wedsberg.



Lecture on Chivalry

Sep 28, Stockholm This evening I held a Lecture on Chivalry, at the Croatian Embassy in Stockholm. The event was arranged by the Embassy. This was also an opportunity to promote my new Book ”Chivalry Today – What is Reality, What is Fantasy?”.

There was a time for signing a few books after the Lecture.

Analyst at the Municipality of Enköping

Aug 15, Enköping Employed as an Analyst at the Department of Education of the Municipality of Enköping.

Photo by Courtesy of the Municipality of Enköping

New Coat of Arms

June 28, Eskilstuna Composed new Coat of Arms for a Swedish Family.


My new book published!

June 3, Zagreb My new book ”Chivalry Today” has been published in Croatian, by Naklada Sv. Antuna.


Chivalry is one of the most important institutions in the history of mankind. Today, Chivalric Orders are governmental institutions used by the sovereign states for the purpose of rewarding meritorious individuals.

The Foreword is written by Msgr. Stjepan Biletić KCHS.

The book contents 232 pages, hard cover 21cm, several illustrations. Price 145 HRK. The book can be ordered from the Publisher:


From the Content:

– Roots and beginning of Chivalry, development during and after Middle Ages, Chivalry and Nobility, Chivalry today.

– Why are Titles and Orders more necessary and more important than ever? Titles have two important functions in the modern society…

– Religious Military Orders of Knighthood – hands of the Social Work of the Church.

– Difference between real Orders, bestowed by recognized sovereign states and different private associations who on their own initiative call themselves “Chivalric Orders”.

– Although the Self-Styled “Orders of Chivalry” are not bad or negative in any way, it is important to emphasize that the “titles” used within such bodies, are not real chivalric titles.

– Real Chivalric Orders are governmental institutions regulated in the domain of Public Law while all private associations are regulated in the domain of Private Law, like, for example, clubs of lovers of music and similar…

– In many countries, it is forbidden by Law to publicly wear “Orders” or “Titles” that are not bestowed by the State or by another sovereign state.

– The Holy See repeatedly states in its official media, that none of the private chivalric associations is recognized by the Holy See as an Order of Chivalry.

– The Holy See “considers inappropriate the use of churches or chapels for their so-called ‘ceremonies of investiture’ ”.

– The most known private Self-Styled “Orders”.

– Notes, indexes, etc…


Lunch Concert

May 12, Eskilstuna Lunch Concerts are a rather popular phenomenon in Sweden. Today I sang a Lunch Concert in Eskilstuna, together with the pianist David Lindström.

It was short but successful concert. Program: Mozart, Verdi, Nordqvist.

Very special commissions

Apr 30, Stockholm Two of my works have been delivered today to H. M. the King, on his Seventieth Birthday. I was asked by two societies to paint their Greeting Cards to the King. Here are details from the Cards.


Sang at Croatian Palm Sunday Mass

Mar 20, Stockholm For a long time it has been a custom that I sing at the Croatian Mass on Palm Sunday in the Cathedral of St. Eric. Today I sang (only) Psalm 22, accompanied by organist Leylie Yekta. Music composed by A. Klobučar.

My article is now published

Mar 11, Karlstad My article about utilization of evaluations in Swedish Public Employment Service, which I wrote together with Senior Professor Elinor Brunnberg PhD and Senior Lecturer Mats Ekermo PhD, is now published as the first article in Number 22-1/2016 of the Scientific Journal ”Arbetsmarknad & Arbetsliv”, issued by University of Karlstad in collaboration with University of Gothenburg.

Photo by Courtesy of A&A

New Coat of Arms

Feb 23, Eskilstuna My interpretation of the Coat of Arms of the Swedish Family Person is now completed.


My contribution to a new musical production

Feb 6, Stockholm The new album of the Croatian songwriter Marinko Grubešić is now published. I contributed as soloist in one of the songs, the song Muka (The Passion of the Christ).

My scientific article accepted!

Jan 25, Karlstad The Scientific Journal ”Arbetsmarknad & Arbetsliv” informed me about their decision to accept my article for publishing in Number 1/2016 of the Journal. In the article, which I wrote together with Senior Professor Elinor Brunnberg PhD and Professor Mats Ekermo PhD, the utilization of evaluation in Swedish governmental organizations is discussed.

Contributed to a musical production

Jan 19, Stockholm Croatian songwriter Marinko Grubešić asked me to sing one of the songs on his new album. After recordings earlier this week in Stockholm, I received today the final version of the song. The song will be soon published on these pages.

Coat of Arms for Grand Prior of Czech Republic

Jan 16, Eskilstuna Coat of Arms of Archbishop Jan Graubner, Grand Prior of the New Czech Lieutenancy, is now finished.


An ”Orgy” of Beautiful Heraldry

Jan 4, Borås, Eskilstuna Today I visited (again) the Swedish Heraldist Jesper Wasling’s Heraldic Blog. I found an article from 2015 that I missed earlier.

In the named Article Jesper states that ”Davor Zovko is the best Heraldic painter in Sweden”. He calls my homepage for ”an orgy of beautiful heraldry”.

Well, I hope it is understandable why I share this article (despite somewhat strong metaphor of ”orgy”).

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