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My new article is now published

Dec 29, Karlstad My article about Swedish Public Employment Service’s evaluation production year 2010 and year 2015, which I wrote together with late Senior Professor Elinor Brunnberg PhD (1948-2017) and Senior Lecturer Mats Ekermo PhD, is now published as the first article in Number 23-4/2017 of the Scientific Journal ”Arbetsmarknad & Arbetsliv”, issued by University of Karlstad in collaboration with University of Gothenburg.

New Book Presentation

Nov 25, Eskilstuna Croatian Cultural Club in Eskilstuna organized a new presentation of my book Chivalry Today. The visitors came from Eskilstuna, Västerås, Södertälje and Stockholm. It was good to hear that they were very pleased with the lecture. I signed also a few books.

New Master Class in Heraldry

Nov 18, Solna Swedish Heraldic Society organised a seminar for professional heraldists. The seminar begun with my lecture about details that a professional heraldist must solve when he/she designs or compose a coat of arms. One of the listeners of the lecure was the State Herald of Sweden.

After a luncheon we continued with a very interesting discussion about some new trends in heraldry. New trends in heraldry can sometimes open new views and bring further development in heraldic artistic expression. However, new trends can also step a little bit outside of the traditional heraldic way of thinking. Several listeners experienced some of the new trends as ”decadence”.

Painted new Coat of Arms

Nov 17, Eskilstuna The old arms of a Priest who also is a Conventual Chaplain in the Sovereign order of Malta, nedded to be refreshed. Here is the new painting.

CoA of Bishop Johan Tyrberg of Lund

Oct 24, Eskilstuna A private person ordered a painting containing Bishop Johan Tyrberg of Lund (Swedish Lutheran Church). traditionally, the Bishop of Lund has right to insignia of an Archbishop (with both the Cross and the Crozier).

Another scientific article accepted

Oct 9, Karlstad The Scientific Journal ”Arbetsmarknad & Arbetsliv” informed me about their decision to accept my article for publishing in the Journal. In the article, which I wrote together with Senior Professor Elinor Brunnberg PhD (1948-2017) and Professor Mats Ekermo PhD, the evaluation production of the Swedish Public Employment Service has been examined.

Sang at ”Funky Art Night”

Oct 6, Eskilstuna Funky Art Night was a cultural event arranged at Kvass Bar in Eskilstuna. Several artists showed their artworks in a vernissage while several musicians played music of different genres. I ”defended the colours” of classical music and opera.

Photo by courtesy of Kvass Bar


Painting of Cardinal Arborelius’ Coat of Arms sold!

Sep 25, Gothenburg I use to sell my heraldic paintings for the purpose of giving aid to the humanitarian work of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. After consultation with H. Em. Cardinal Anders Arborelius, I decided to sell even the original painting of His Eminence’s Coat of Arms, for the same purpose. Only a couple of hours after the sale has beeen announced, a person from Gothenburg purchased the painting!

Painted a Picture for a front of a book

Sep 4, Eskilstuna Mälardalen University published a new scientific book about new methods for taking care of individuals with different psychical problems. The book is writen by Mats Ekermo PhD and Roland Svensson PhD.

I was asked to illustrate the Front of the book. Here is the result.

Coat of Arms of Cardinal Arborelius now in the Cathedral

Aug 15 (Assumption of Mary), Stockholm The first Swedish Cardinal ever, H. Em. Anders Cardinal Arborelius, celebrated today the Holy Mass in his own Cathedral, the Cathedral of St. Eric in Stockholm. I was proud to see the woodcut of the Cardinal’s coat of Arms in the Cathedral, hanging above the Cathedra.

Woodcut of Thorleif Aiff, made after my drawing. The woodcut with the colours is now hanging above the Cathedra of the Cathedral of St. Eric in Stockholm. Photos by courtesy of Thorleif Aiff and Catholic diocese of Stockholm

The woodcut was made by the Swedish heraldic sculptor Thorleif Aiff. Thorleif Aiff made the woodcut after my drawing as model.

It is interesting for me that both the Invitation to the Inauguration Mass and the envelope in which the Invitation was sent, were decorated with my paintings of H. Em. the Cardinal’s Coat of Arms. The painting on the envelope shows the old Arms, with attributs of a Bishop (green hat with twelve tassels).

Elinor Brunnberg (1948-2017)

Jun 30, Katrineholm Professor Emerita Elinor Brunnberg PhD, my mentor and the co-author of my first scientific articles, died after a short illness.

Professor Brunnberg was a well-renowned scientist in Social Work. In her research she focused on a broad scale of themes and social problems. It is difficult to find a field that she was not interested in. Elinor’s bibliography is really impressive!

I am proud to have had Elinor as my mentor at the post graduate studies.

Elinor Brunnberg holding a lecture at Mälardalen University, Aug 26 2011. Photo: Davor Zovko

Lecture about Chivalry at Mostar University

Jun 16, Mostar Held a lecture about Chivalry and Chivalric Orders, for students of history, at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Mostar University. Special thanks to Mr. Mario Glibić and Mr. Ivan Bokšić from the Club of students of history, for very good organisation!

Presented my book in Zagreb and held a Master Class for Croatian heraldists

Jun 7-8, Zagreb Held a successful presentation of my book ”Chivalry today” and performed successfully a Master Class for Croatian heraldists. The events were organised by Croatian fraternal society ”Ordo Fratres Draconis Croatici”. Many thanks to Mr. Mislav Grgić PhD and maestro Josip Degl’ Ivellio, for wonderful organisation and great hospitality! Many thanks also to Col. Željko Heimer PhD from the Croatian Heraldic and Vexillological Association, the co-organiser of the Master Class.

Coat of Arms of the first Scandinavian Cardinal

Jun 3, Eskilstuna, Stockholm When H. E. Bishop Anders Arborelius of Stockholm was appointed a Cardinal, I was asked to paint H. Em. the Cardinal’s Coat of Arms. Here is the result, the Coat of Arms of the first Scandinavian Cardinal ever!

Soloist at the Croatian Pilgrimage to Saint Bridget

May 27, Vadstena Every year in May, Croats in Sweden gather in Vadstena for their Pilgrimage to Saint Bridget of Sweden. Traditionally I sing as soloist at the Holy Mass in the great Monastery Church in Vadstena. The Holy Mass is the central event of the Pilgrimage every year.

Philosophiae Licentiatus

May 12, Örebro My Licentiate thesis in Social Work and Public Administration ”Reporting and Control in Focus. A Study of the Swedish Public Employment Service’s Evaluations” has been approved after the Licentiate seminar held at the Örebro University.

The opponent was Jürgen Degner PhD, Lecturer at the Örebro University.

My supervisors were Professor Emerita Elinor Brunnberg PhD and Lecturer Mats Ekermo PhD.

The Licentiate Thesis (written in Swedish) is now published.

ISSN 1651-145X

ISBN 978-91-7529-193-2

New Coat of Arms composed

Mar 6, Eskilstuna Compsed Coat of Arms for the Swedish Humor Club.

Sang at the Investiture in the Cathedral of St. Eric

Feb 11, Stockholm Sang Ecce Sacerdos Magnus for H. Em. Edwin Cardinal O’Brien, the Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, at the magnificent ceremony of Investiture of new Knights and Ladies of the Holy Sepulchre, in the Cathedral of St. Eric in Stockholm.

Photo: Johan Olsson

Grand Cross of the Holy Sepulchre!

Feb 10 (Feast of Blessed Aloysius Stepinac), Stockholm The Grand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, His Eminence Edwin Frederick Cardinal O’Brien, was received today by the Chancellor of the Swedish Royal Order of Knighthood, at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. At this historic, first official visit, His Eminence was accompanied by three members of the Order: His Excellency Bo Theutenberg KGCHS, Order’s Regent Ad Interim in Sweden; His Excellency Bishop Anders Arborelius of Stockholm, Order’s Grand Prior in Sweden; and I. The Chancellor of the Royal Order was accompanied by the Officers of the Royal Order’s Chancery. After the luncheon, H. Em. the Grand Master bestowed a few Orders of Merit upon meritorious individuals. At the end of the ceremony H. Em. the Grand Master bestowed Motu Proprio Rank of Knight Grand Cross of the Holy Sepulchre upon me!

In my acceptance speech I mentioned that the Church celebrates today the Feast of Blessed Aloysius Stepinac, who also was Knight of the Holy Sepulchre. Stepinac spoke about the equality in the time when speaking about the equality was not any kind of ”mainstream” but rather very dangerous and risky venture. Despite all risks, he didn’t hesitate to advocate the equality in the many sermons that he delivered in the Cathedral of Zagreb, from 1941 to the end of the war. In 1953, when he was appointed a Cardinal (which also implicated a Grand Cross of the Holy Sepulchre) he chose to not to travel to Rome and receive the Cardinal’s insignia. Although the communist regime (which kept him imprisoned on the basis of false accusations) allowed him to travel to Rome, he chose imprisonment before glory because he wanted to stay with his people and strenghten them in the difficult times, like a lighthouse in darkness.

Happy, grateful and humble!

Receiving the Decree of appointment and the insignia of Knight Grand Cross, from H. Em. the Grand Master. Photo: Clas-Göran Carlsson, Royal Court

My acceptance speech. Photo: Clas-Göran Carlsson, Royal Court

Flag of the ”Nation” of Uppland

Jan 23, Eskilstuna The Student associations oft the University of Uppsala call themselves ”Nations”. One of the ”Nations”, the Nation of Uppland, asked me to draw their flag in a new design. This is the result.

New Coat of Arms composed

Jan 17, Eskilstuna Composed new Coat of Arms, for Swedish Family Sjöholm.

New Coat of Arms composed

Jan 14, Eskilstuna Composed new Coat of Arms, for Swedish Family Pettersson-Ringdahl.

New Coat of Arms composed

Jan 7, Eskilstuna Composed new Coat of Arms, for Swedish Family Simson.

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